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  • Scope brief

  • Sample work

  • BIM standards

  • Project milestone

  • Existing models 

  • Link models





  • Intermediate as well as milestone submissions


  • Feedback

  • Lessons learned

  • Knowledge management


  • Partwork is done as per standards

  • Sign-off for standard and requirement adherence

Quality Assurance


RFIs (Request for Information)

Change Management

  • Virtual meeting

  • Key personnel to attend the meeting

  • Discuss project, timelines, and any specific requirement

Regular Activities

WOW-Ways of Working

We are proud of our processes and approach to work that has constantly evolved over the years. Our systems are robust comprising of the right mix of agility and a standard laid out methodology. Our systems and processes encourage a very open interactive approach to work with our client partners. 



We operate extensively in all the components of BIM space and further, by providing detailing of design support in building services systems.  Over the years we have persistently strengthened our capabilities by working on projects around the world, inducting talented team members, continuously upgrading ourselves by way of training, and adapting to changing trends. 



A sound communication protocol is an important factor in the success of an offshoring work model. The geographical distances and the requirement of a collaborative environment in the construction industry necessitate all team members to be on the same page about project progress. Over the years we have successfully adopted various communication methods that does away with geographical distances and is as good as the team members in the next seat of office.

BIM Work Model.jpg


Offshoring and construction industry works most efficiently in a collaborative environment.  Discussions, changes are an integral part of the BIM process. The above gives a very high-level picture of the activities that happen in the offshore and onshore offices collaborating on a project. 

At Ode consultants, we strive to develop the trust of our clients in our capability, commitments, and capacity. This philosophy forms the bedrock of our client approach.

BIM_ODE_Knowledge Management_edited_edit


Knowledge management is an integral part of a successful setup. We take pride in keeping our team updated about the latest developments and sharing knowledge. For us every project is valuable for the new learnings it inevitably brings and we disseminate the knowledge beyond the immediate team involved in the project. CPDs, building up a repository of codes, standards and design practices, regular training for team members are the various steps we take to ensure that our talent are continuously honed and perfected.

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