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Science & technology

Laboratories and workshops present an ideal application where BIM adds significant value to the design process. The challenge of maintaining the building aesthetics while working with a multiplicity of services, restricted ceiling space, and generally larger size of service carrying entities present a very dynamic environment and requires close working with the engineering team. 


PEARL, Person-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory

Location: Essex, United Kingdom

Area:        5,900 Sqmt

Stage:      RIBA Stage 3 to 6, COBIE

Scope:     BIM-M&P  Services


PEARL will be part of University College London’s Centre for Transport Studies (CTS). It will be a unique, urban prototype laboratory for the creation of fullsize environments to test how people use infrastructure and cities. It will be able to simulate large-scale environments such as train stations or town centers and test people’s reactions to them. 

We were tasked with producing complete MEP layouts in BIM involving layouts, builder works and COBIE. 

Patchi Chocolate Factory Experience Center

Location: Dubai, UAE

Area:        2,600 Sqmt

Stage:      Detail Design

Scope:     BIM/CAD-MEP  Services


Patchi is a luxury brand for chocolate and chocolate gifts. It is distinguished with a menu of chocolates with all-natural and premium ingredients. The aim of the experience center is to introduce different facets of chocolate making process.  There were areas like the Souq, Vault, Vacuum room and Labs taking visitors to a tour of chocolate making process. 


ODE Consultants was tasked with making coordinated drawings for all MEP services. This was done in a mixture of CAD & BIM.


International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)

Location: Dubai, UAE

Area:        2,400 Sqmt

Stage:      Detail Design

Scope:     BIM/CAD-MEP  Services


International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) is an International corporation producing flavors and fragrances and cosmetic actives. IFF is a leading innovator of sensorial experiences and located at  Dubai Science Park.


The work comprised of providing BIM/CAD services for existing space into Admin, Sales, Commercial office space, huddle rooms, meeting rooms, etc.  Another newly acquired space in a different wing housed all laboratories and associated creative and application offices, meeting rooms.

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