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Heritage & Iconic Structures

Heritage buildings present a challenging opportunity for BIM implementation. Generally, the existing information is sketchy,  presence of beams and columns need to be factored in for service routings and close communication needs to be had with the site survey team . Similarly Iconic buildings are characterised by forms that are futuristic or highlight the cultural heritage of the region. Involvement in such projects find a pride of place in our portfolio.

BIM Ode Scotland Yard.jpg

New Scotland Yard Building, London

Location: London

Area:        1,200 Sqmt

Stage:      RIBA Stage 5

Scope:     BIM- Arch., Struc., MEP Services

The building served as  London Metropolitan Police headquarters, Scotland Yard. It has now been refurbished as a plush hotel managed by Hyatt as part of its ‘The Unbound Collection’, The hotel has 150+ rooms and 10+ suites with views of Buckingham Palace, Nelson's Column, and Westminster Abbey. 

ODE carried out BIM work for the Architectural, structural, and MEP services.  All existing conditions were modeled. Demolition and new additions of ASMEP elements were modeled as different 'phases' to get a clear idea of the changes.

Prince Sultan Cultural Centre

Location: Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Area:        11,00 Sqmt

Stage:      Detailed Design

Scope:     BIM- Arch., Struc., MEP Services

The 11,000 sq m Prince Sultan Cultural Centre provides a range of cultural and artistic activities and is the focal point of the Cultural City in Jeddah. The iconic, tilted, bowl shaped auditorium features a unique calligraphic design on the façade, overlooking a sky-pool with a waterfall cascading into the lake below.

ODE carried out BIM work for the Architectural, structural, and MEP services. The distinctive shape of the building provided an interesting challenge to the modelling work and out of box thinking was adopted to run the services amidst the limits imposed by the design.

BIM Iconic Building.jpg
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