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Embassies & Secure Environments

Embassies, in good times and bad, represent native country values while they are in host countries and are strong enough to withstand the force of bombs. While previous designs may have once resembled fortresses and bunkers, new diplomatic buildings are created to comply with strict security standards. BIM in our projects was a useful tool in helping the designers, planners and contractors. 

Embassy_Saudi Arabia.png

Embassy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Location: South Korea

Area:        90,000 Sqmt

Stage:      Construction Documentation

Scope:     BIM- Arch., Struc., MEP Services, 5D BIM


The building has been designed to symbolize the architecture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was planned to convey a hospitable relationship between the countries. The new complex consists of six main structures i.e. (Chancery Building, Ambassador’s Residence, Annex Building with Swimming Pool, Gym, Service Building and Guard Houses). The secure compound also contains within it various site development works, outdoor areas and structures.

ODE carried out BIM work for the Architectural, structural, and MEP services.  All existing conditions were modeled. 5D BIM was carried out to ascertain the cost of the project. This was necessitated due to may changes having ben carried out in design leading to uncertainty in project costs.

Embassy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Area:        60,00 Sqmt

Stage:      Detailed Design

Scope:     BIM- Arch., Struc., MEP Services

The Royal Embassy Complex of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Dhaka is a modern and luxurious representation of Saudi foreign missions. It consists of the Embassy Building, Ambassador’s Residence and 12 Staff Villas, Full of hand-crafted natural stone and woodworks, combined with state-of-the-art IT and security technologies, the complex stands out in its design.

ODE carried out BIM work for the Architectural, structural, and MEP services. As a part of our scope we also carried out some design changes in the building services to accommodate architectural changes, as some spaces were created new and   some where its usage purpose was changed. 

ODE -BIM Prison.png

Prison projects

Location: Various, United Kingdom


At ODE consultants we have done the  BIM work for various prison projects. The work involved the modeling and sheet preparation all services and plantrooms. The application of BIM in secure environments has distinguishing features keeping in view security requirements and norms applicable for prison projects. 

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