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At Ode Consultants our approach to work is characterized by two fundamental philosophies. The first is to align with the client's vision of work and we frequently go beyond the brief to achieve this, the second is to adopt a robust communication method that does away with any geographical distance constraints.

Integrated BIM and engineering capability

Our expertise covers every aspect of BIM and MEP Design. This includes support to design, construction and integration using BIM technology. 


We have good knowledge of modeling as well as site practices. This involves knowledge about the zoning of services, order of installation, Health & Safety practices for services installation. This is very useful in adopting the correct BIM work.

Design Thinking

At Ode Consultants the core of our working philosophy stems from the belief that BIM and design are interlinked. To do good modeling work, related especially to Building services, a basic idea of design is essential.   


Accordingly, our team has a good idea about codes and standards as well as design parameters on which the design is based. Further on, the project managers are from a design background and hence are able to communicate with the client engineering team on any design aspect being impacted by modeling. 

This approach has helped in quicker turnarounds as we need less hand-holding, lesser RFIs (Request for Information) are generated and decision-taking is expedited.


A good offshoring working model is critically dependent on communication. Realizing this, we have set up a very robust communication protocol. There is an effective reporting system that keeps all teams aware of work progress, important milestones, and deliverables. Regular and structured meetings are held and these serve as a very important platform for discussing any holdups, requests for information, and general updates. 

To ensure communication efficiencies, the designated project managers are well aware of standards and modeling practices and other parameters specific to the project. Impromptu online meetings are held where screen sharing is used to discuss any holdups or alternative approaches to work. These serve as an important informal channel for expediting work.

Repository of knowledge

Any project has a learning curve in the initial phases of work. Modeling practices due to design considerations vary between individuals of the firms we work for. Over the years, we have built up a good repository of knowledge by working for different firms and various types of projects. This helps us in getting a good running start on any project.

Our team members have a good idea of designing and need minimal information for doing the modeling work. We are able to work out the modeling work just based on heat load calculations, lighting calculations coupled with other basic information like equipment or fixture to be used. We are even capable of doing an alternate equipment selection if the modeling presents space constraints.   



  • Successfully completed more than 250 projects around the world

  • Successfully delivered 50 million sqft area of BIM projects worldwide.

  • Strong presence in UK, USA, Middle East geographies.

  • Building sectors that we have worked on include Airports, Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Leisure, Rail, Retail, Residential, Secure environments, Sports, Retail.

  • Unmatched work processes, quality deliveries, and timeline adherence


Team Snapshot

"We are Architects, Structural and Mechanical, Electrical and Public health engineering professionals proficient in Design and BIM"


“We are solution providers to EPC projects in building services design to the international markets”


“We have Credentials, Capability and Confidence to assist you in your vision”


“We go beyond modeling by integrating domain knowledge expertise related to construction industry.”


“We have global experience and and knowledge of  all codes IS, BS, CIBSE, NFPA, IBC, IPC, UPC, ASHRAE


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