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At Ode Consultants our approach to work is characterized by two fundamental philosophies. The first is to align with the client's vision of work and we frequently go beyond the brief to achieve this, the second is to adopt a robust communication method that does away with any geographical distance constraints.

Integrated BIM and engineering capability

We possess expertise in all aspects of BIM, Design and Installation requirements, offering comprehensive support for design, construction, and integration using BIM technology.

Our team has a strong understanding of both modeling and site practices. This encompasses knowledge about service zoning, the proper sequence of installation, and adherence to health and safety regulations during service installation. This knowledge is invaluable in ensuring the adoption of accurate BIM workflows.

Design Thinking

At Ode Consultants, our working philosophy revolves around the understanding that BIM and design are inherently interconnected. We firmly believe that a solid grasp of design principles is essential for conducting effective modeling work, particularly in the realm of building services.

Consequently, our team possesses a comprehensive understanding of codes, standards, and design parameters that form the foundation of any project. Moreover, our project managers come from a design background, enabling seamless communication with the client's engineering team regarding any design aspects influenced by the modeling process.

This approach has significantly contributed to expedited project timelines, as our team requires minimal guidance, resulting in fewer RFIs (Requests for Information) and faster decision-making.


A successful offshoring working model relies heavily on effective communication. Recognizing this, we have established a robust communication protocol to facilitate seamless collaboration. Our approach includes an efficient reporting system that keeps all teams informed about the progress of work, important milestones, and deliverables. Regular and structured meetings play a vital role in providing a platform for addressing any obstacles, requests for information, and general updates.

To optimize communication efficiency, our designated project managers possess in-depth knowledge of standards, modeling practices, and other project-specific parameters. Additionally, impromptu online meetings are conducted, utilizing screen sharing to address any obstacles or explore alternative approaches to the work. These informal channels play a crucial role in expediting project progress.

At Ode Consultants, our work approach is characterized by two fundamental philosophies. The first is to align with the client's vision of the project, and we often surpass the initial project brief to achieve this. The second philosophy revolves around adopting a robust communication method that overcomes any geographical distance constraints.

In line with our first philosophy, we prioritize understanding and embracing the client's vision for the project. We go beyond the specified requirements to ensure that our work truly reflects their objectives. This commitment allows us to deliver outcomes that closely align with the client's goals, exceeding their expectations.

Additionally, our second philosophy centers on the adoption of a robust communication method. We understand that physical distance should not hinder effective collaboration. To address this, we implement a strong communication framework that enables seamless information exchange and eliminates geographical barriers. By leveraging various communication technologies, we ensure open and efficient communication channels throughout the project duration.

Repository of knowledge

Any project goes through a learning curve in its initial phases. Modeling practices vary among individuals within the firms we collaborate with, driven by design considerations. Over the years, we have amassed a substantial knowledge base by working with various firms and undertaking diverse project types. This wealth of experience provides us with a solid foundation when approaching any new project.

Our team members possess a strong understanding of design principles, enabling them to efficiently perform modeling tasks with minimal information. We excel in handling modeling work, utilizing heat load calculations, lighting calculations, and other essential details such as equipment and fixtures. Moreover, if the modeling process uncovers space constraints, we are capable of offering alternative equipment options to overcome these challenges.


  • Successfully completed more than 250 projects around the world

  • Successfully delivered 50 million sqft area of BIM projects worldwide.

  • Strong presence in UK, USA, Middle East geographies.

  • Building sectors that we have worked on include Airports, Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Leisure, Rail, Retail, Residential, Secure environments, Sports, Retail.

  • Unmatched work processes, quality deliveries, and timeline adherence




Team Snapshot

"We are Architects, Structural and Mechanical, Electrical and Public health engineering professionals proficient in Design and BIM"


“We are solution providers to EPC projects in building services design to the international markets”


“We have Credentials, Capability and Confidence to assist you in your vision”


“We go beyond modeling by integrating domain knowledge expertise related to construction industry.”


“We have global experience and and knowledge of  all codes IS, BS, CIBSE, NFPA, IBC, IPC, UPC, ASHRAE


We have established robust processes that are integral to our design and BIM works. Implementing these processes is crucial for enhancing efficiency, fostering improved collaboration, ensuring quality control, mitigating risks, and facilitating continuous improvement.

By adhering to well-defined processes, we streamline our workflows and optimize resource utilization, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. These processes also promote better collaboration among team members, enabling seamless communication, knowledge sharing, and coordinated efforts.

Moreover, the implementation of standardized processes helps us maintain strict quality control throughout the project lifecycle. It allows us to identify and address any potential errors or inconsistencies early on, ensuring that the final deliverables meet the highest standards.

Additionally, our processes are designed to mitigate risks associated with design and BIM works. By following established protocols and conducting thorough reviews, we minimize the likelihood of errors, conflicts, or delays, enhancing project outcomes and client satisfaction


Furthermore, our commitment to continuous improvement is supported by these processes. We regularly evaluate and refine our methodologies, incorporating feedback and lessons learned from previous projects. This iterative approach enables us to constantly enhance our practices, adapt to evolving industry standards, and deliver superior results to our clients.

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