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Design Detailing Services

We are a team of talented engineers specialising in developing the building services design from a concept/schematic phase to detailed design and construction documentation. Over the years of working for different geographies, we have imbibed country specific design approaches, codes and software for building services

Our team of engineers can develop the building services design from hand sketches, concept schematics, and design briefs. Our team has a good understanding of the international codes and standards to be able to design systems in conformation to the requirements.

We are able to expand design concepts into detailed design using all available software and codes/standards applicable in the region.

Even when we are working only on BIM, we realize that the adoption of BIM has led to a blurring of lines between drawing production and design activities, especially during the detailed design phase.  As BIM functionality evolves it would be used more and more for calculations like heat load, illumination pressure drops. We believe that an understanding of design philosophy is necessary to be able to make informed decisions when presented with a no. of options while working on a BIM task. Accordingly, our engineers have always applied design detailing expertise to BIM tasks when a need is felt for a change.

Our philosophy in developing our capability has been to take care of routine work while the client teams focus on excellence. The concept and schematic phase though of a shorter duration lay down the path of design taking into account life cycle costs, client requirements, energy efficiency, and sustainability goals. By taking up regular design activities in the detailed design phase we enable the client team to concentrate on achieving excellence in design philosophies. 


Our team of Mechanical engineers has experience in doing heat load calculations, equipment selection, developing schematics, and creating the layout of Mechanical systems like LTHW (low-temperature hot water), CHW (chilled water), ventilation.

We use the available concept report and design guidelines to generate the design. All available codes and standards are adhered to while developing the design. Constant communication with the client engineers during the design process is maintained to capture all fine points of design that may not find mention in design reports.  


Our electrical team is well versed in detailing the design as per the brief. Layouts and schematics are developed along with calculations like lighting (emergency & normal), small power layout, public address, fire alarm experience, circuiting, and panel schedules. 


  • Ventilation system

  • LTHW & CHW system 

  • Smoke ventilation system

  • Clash Detection and Resolution

  • Staircase & lift lobby pressurization system 

  • BIM Families

  • Preconstruction Site Logistics using BIM 

  • Domestic hot & cold water System 

  • Above ground drainage system

  • Gas layouts

  • Plant room layouts

  • Schematics

  • Equipment schedule


  • Lighting design

  • Power wiring (Internal Small Power, External Small Power)

  • Central battery and UPS systems

  • Security/ CCTV Layouts 

  • Fire Detection & Alarm System.

  • Public Address & Voice Evacuation System

  • Electrical equipment sizing

  • Cable sizing 

  • Access Control System Layouts 


  • Hevacomp

  • HAP


  • Amtech

  • Ductsizer

  • Pipe sizer



Our team of public health engineers is skilled in developing domestic water supply systems and drainage layouts for international projects. We have designed systems using relevant codes like UPC, ASPE, BS along with associated calculations. The sprinkler layouts and standpipe systems are designed using applicable NFPA codes. 


  • NFPA

  • UPC

  • IPC

  • IMC



  • BS

  • DEWA

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