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BIM Services

BIM services is the principal offering of our firm. Our team comprises of a mix of architects and engineers proficient in BIM.  Over eight years of successful operation worldwide, we have built up a credible portfolio of BIM projects.

Our work is aligned with the BIM standards of the prevailing region. We are aligned to the "UK BIM Framework" as defined in ISO-19650 for all work in the country.  We are also aligned to "The National BIM Standard-United States™" for all BIM work pertaining to the US.

We have worked for all types of BIM services pertaining to the building. We have projects where we have provided, architectural/structural BIM works. There are other projects where we have provided BIM related to only MEP services. 

Our BIM team is led by qualified engineers who have extensive experience in designing MEP services for projects across the globe.  This assures you of a value-added output and not just conversion from 2-D to 3-D  environment.

We provide services in all phases of the building life cycle from concept to facilities management. The modeling approaches during phases are different. In the case of schematic design, we would just go for basic modeling with placeholders for different services. The aim of BIM in this stage is only to have a broad understanding of how the system works and what would be the general space requirements.  


At ODE Consultants we have successfully completed projects involving Architectural BIM. The requirements that have been targetted through BIM have been to produce a fully coordinated architectural model with quantities of elements like floor finishes, false ceiling, doors, windows, millworks derived through BIM. We have used other software like Vico for these requirements.


  • Architectural, Structural and MEP- 3D BIM Modelling

  • 4D TimeLine Visualization / Project Scheduling 

  • 5D Cost Integration in BIM/ Billing Support Using BIM

  • Clash Detection and Resolution

  • As-Built BIM Modelling from Laser Scan Point Cloud Data

  • BIM Families

  • Preconstruction Site Logistics using BIM 

  • Digital Prefabrication and Fabrication Drawings

  • Bill of Quantities from BIM/ Schedules from BIM

  • Design Validation for MEP Services and Design Services

  • COBIE, Modelling for FM integration (Facilities Management)

  • Sheet Extraction and Sheet Drawings


  • LOD 100 -  Schematic design / RIBA Stage 2 & 3 

  • LOD 200 -  Detailed design / RIBA Stage 4

  • LOD 300 -  Construction documentation / RIBA Stage 5 

  • LOD 400 -  Fabrication drawing / RIBA Stage installation drawing

  • LOD 500 -  As-built drawings


Using MEP as our core strength, we have used BIM as an advanced design tool to facilitate building the MEP Systems along with validating the design.

From automatic DB schedules to Lighting calculations to duct placement and design we have helped our consultants around the world to facilitate sustainable designs. We have used BIM for doing pressure loss calculations, visualization of design to understand constraints, drawing up plant rooms by optimizing available space all the while taking care of Health and safety requirements.

We have used BIM to facilitate the generation of Room data sheets (RDS). These sheets are necessary for ensuring certainty in incorporating all aspects of design requirements.


BIM enables reduced time scales and reduced costs by delivering error-free shop drawings. From beautiful coordinated supports to difficult plant rooms to landscape, everything can be extracted from the BIM in the form of very detailed drawings and 3D Views. 

We have done projects where BIM was used to extract shop drawings. All services were provided with annotation about heights and distances from gridlines so they could be used for installation by the site teams.

Builder works drawings are essential information required during the installation phase. We have extensive experience in working out these drawings from BIM.


All equipment and furniture can be numbered in BIM along with associating numerous details with them. Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is an international standard relating to managed asset information including space and equipment. It is focused on delivering asset data as distinct from geometric information


We have done projects involving COBIE requirements. The necessary asset data has been populated  in BIM and the resultant asset information-rich IFC drawings generated as also the COBIE excel sheets.


  • Aviation

  • Commercial

  • Custodial and secure facilities

  • Embassies

  • Healthcare

  • Labs & testing facilities

  • Leisure

  • Mixed-use

  • Residential

  • Retail

  • Religious buildings

  • Senior care

  • Sports


  • Revit- All versions

  • BIM 360

  • Navisworks

  • FABMep

  • Sysque

  • Vico

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